Frequently Asked Questions

No, but we can refer you to companies that specialize in that service.

Yes.  We can help you with that, too!

We are able to offer some discounts, depending on the volumes.

We do not pack gift boxes.  We can assist you with gift box company names, where you can purchase gift boxes or gift sacks direct.

Yes, with a minimum order of 50 cases on the jars (600 jars) and 50 cases on the packets (1200 packets).

Yes.  Please call for information on the products we currently offer.  We can also do special blending and packaging for foodservice.

We ship using several different ways.  Orders, depending on their size, are shipped by UPS, Conway Freight or your preferred carrier.  If you are local and wish to pick up your orders, they can be picked up by appointment only.

Yes.  They may be done on a special order. 

Yes.  Sometimes our customers prefer being at our facility on their initial order.  However, you may not be present while we are in production of another company's run due to confidentiality agreements.

At the present time, we do not have grinders.  However, we are able to get most grinds or some of our suppliers can do a special run.

We are inspected numerous times per year.  The inspectors are welcome anytime!  We are very proud on how clean we keep our facilitiy!

No, but we have several graphic designers that we can recommend. 

No.  Our customers prefer to do their own marketing and promoting of their products.

Yes.  They need to be new and in unopened boxes.

Yes.  The labels for the jars and packets need to meet our applicators specifications.

No.  Our customers usually have a good understanding on how to use their blends in cooking.

The allergen products, according to the FDA regulations, are the following:  dairy, soy, shellfish, egg, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

Yes.  We do not blend with oil products.  Also, we do not blend with flour products.

Yes.  However, you will need to check with your State Health Department to see if other insurance or policies need to be followed.  Each state is different in these regards.

No.  Once an order is completed, it is shipped to the customer.

Minimum orders for the bottle products are 100 cs. (1,200 Bottles), which are packed 12 per case.  Minimum orders for the packet products is 2,400 packets with no label, 10,000 with preprinted pouch.

On an initial order, we prefer at least a 4-6 week lead time.  On re-orders, there is approximately a 2-3 week lead time.

Jar products are dated on the jar labels and the packets are dated on the bottom seal line.

Approximately 2 years.  We recommend that they be stored in a cool, dry, dark area.

Yes.  You may see our downloadable PDF on the packaging page of our website.

We prefer you did not. 

No, we have found some of the best suppliers in the country that we purchase in bulk from.

The minimum order is 50 cases (600 bottlesor 1200 packets) of one custom blend.